'The Unicorn' Moscato Cans



This seriously good wine is extraordinarily delicious and highly addictive, now available in cans. If you don't want to have your life made better by a wine, stop reading now. 

The very first of our premium Legends range which connects Scottish mythological creatures with wines matching their character, behold The Unicorn!

What Does It Taste Like

Refreshing, lightly bubbled and sweet pink wine that is perfect for any occasion. It has peach flavours accompanied with a hint of Turkish Delight, all balanced with a crisp acidity that makes it oh so easy to drink.

What Does It Smell Like

Jasmine and elderflower.

What Do I Drink It With

Light and refreshing, it's the perfect light bubbles to have prior to dinner with some soft cheese and fresh bread or after dinner with rich, moist chocolate cake or a fluffy lemon meringue pie. 

Serving Suggestion

On warm afternoons, pour over a handful of ice and garnish with a slice of lemon or create a cocktail by adding That Spirited Lot Island Flower Gin. 



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