Saltire's Ultimate Sampler - 6 Pack


Introducing the Saltire Estate Sampler Pack, a meticulously curated 6-pack that captures the essence of our vineyards. This collection features a symphony of our finest wines, including the elegance and complexity of Semillon, the enchanting delight of Moscato, the sophisticated celebration of Brut Chardonnay, the blush elegance of Rosé, the vibrant zest of Sauvignon Blanc, and the bold expression of our Shiraz. Elevate your wine experience with this diverse ensemble, perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment, that celebrates the artistry of Saltire Estate's craftsmanship and terroir. Discover a harmonious tapestry of flavours in every sip with the Sampler Pack—a celebration of excellence and the joy of sharing remarkable moments.


Saltire's Ultimate Sampler contains the following:

- 1 x 2009 'Claremont' Traditional Method Blanc de Blanc
- 1 x 2021 'The Wulver' Shiraz
- 1 x 'The Unicorn' Moscato
- 1 x 2022 Saltire Organic Rosé
- 1 x 2023 Saltire 'Selkie' Semillon
- 1 x 2023 Saltire Sauvignon Blanc