Summertime Trio Sampler - 6 Pack


Introducing the Saltire Estate Sampler Pack, a meticulously curated 6-pack that captures the essence of our vineyards. Australia is synonymous with hot weather and sunny days, so what better way to find your next summer wine then with the Summertime Sampler. Featuring the pleasantly sweet french-style 2022 Saltire Organic Rosé, the crisp and bubbly 2022 'Will O The Wisp' Prosecco and the 2023 Saltire Sauvignon Blanc, one of Australia's favourite summer wines.

Pick up your next go-to summer wine and enjoy cooling down by the pool with friends, family and delicious wines!


The Summertime Trio Sampler contains the following:

- 2 x 2023 Saltire Sauvignon Blanc
- 2 x 2022 'Will O The Wisp' Prosecco
- 2 x 2022 Saltire Organic Rosé