The Top Wines from Hunter Valley: Saltire Estate's Marvellous Selections

The Top Wines from Hunter Valley: Saltire Estate's Marvellous Selections

Jan 03, 2024

Conveniently located in the lush landscapes of Australia's Hunter Valley, a region renowned for its rich winemaking history, lies Saltire Estate, a gem among vineyards. With its roots deeply embedded in the tradition and innovation of winemaking, Saltire Estate has carved a niche for itself with its exceptional wines.

The Hunter Valley, celebrated for its diverse range of vineyards and unique terroir, provides the perfect backdrop for Saltire's vineyards. Here, our Estate emerges as a testament to quality and passion, offering a selection of wines that not only encapsulate the essence of the region but also bring a unique charm to the wine connoisseur's table.

Enjoy the read as we showcase some of our marvellous selections of the best of what Hunter Valley has to offer, revealing the distinct qualities that set our wines apart in the competitive market.

Discover the Richness of Saltire Estate's Red Wines

As you explore our selections, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of exquisite red wines, each embodying the spirit of the Hunter Valley.

We offer a variety of red wines, including Shiraz, Organic Cabernet Merlot, and other notable varieties, all expertly crafted to highlight the unique flavours and characteristics of the region. You can now conveniently purchase our red wines online, enjoying the ease of home delivery.


2021 The Wulver Shiraz

The Saltire Estate 2021 The Wulver Shiraz is a unique blend of 70% Hunter Valley fruit and 30% McLaren Vale fruit, forming a harmonious hybrid. It presents a bold and full-bodied profile, balanced with elegant notes. The wine features flavors of red and black fruits, structured with velvety tannins and a classic earthy Shiraz finish. Its aroma combines macerated berry coulis with cedar and vanilla, making it an ideal pairing for rich meals like BBQ or a hearty beef ragù. With a 14% ABV, this wine is perfect for special occasions and as a gifting option.

Saltire Estate The Wulver Shiraz


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2022 ‘The Black Watch’ Malbec

The Saltire Estate 2022 'The Black Watch' Malbec is an intriguing wine with a mysterious aura, reminiscent of its namesake's deep history. It showcases moody black fruit flavours like plum and blackberry, complemented by a subtle hint of rosemary. The aroma is equally captivating with notes of sugared violets, blackcurrants, and plum. With an alcohol volume of 14% and 8.3 standard drinks per bottle, this Malbec is perfect to enjoy with a respected friend or family member. It's a testament to the intensity and reputation of its historical inspiration.

Saltire Estate The Black Watch


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Whether it's the classic richness of Shiraz or the smooth elegance of Organic Cabernet Merlot, each wine promises a memorable tasting experience, bringing the essence of Hunter Valley directly to your doorstep. Please explore our our red wine collection here.


Experience the Elegance of Saltire Estate's White Wines

As you delve into our collection of white wines, you'll discover a world where each bottle tells its own unique story. This range includes Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, two of Hunter Valley's signature white varieties, each offering a distinct taste profile that captures the essence of the region. Imagine sipping a glass of these fine wines, each sip revealing layers of flavour, from crisp and refreshing to rich and complex. 


2023 Saltire ‘The Selkie’ Semillon

The Saltire Estate 2023 Saltire 'The Selkie' Semillon is a unique wine with a citrusy and crunchy acidity when young, transforming over time to develop toast, vanilla, and honey flavours. With an ABV of 11.5% and 6.8 standard drinks per bottle, it pairs exceptionally well with seafood and salads, making it a versatile choice for various culinary experiences. Inspired by the mystical creatures of the Northern Isles of Scotland, this wine offers a refreshing and evolving taste experience.

Saltire Estate The Selkie Semillon


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2023 Saltire Sauvignon Blanc

The Saltire Estate 2023 Saltire Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing and vibrant white wine, offering a delightful sensory experience. It tantalizes the palate with fresh flavours of honeydew melon and white peaches, complemented by the inviting aroma of tropical passionfruit, gooseberries, and lemongrass. With a 12.6% ABV and 7.4 standard drinks per bottle, this Sauvignon Blanc is best enjoyed young and chilled. It pairs exceptionally well with lighter foods, including chicken, seafood, and sushi, making it a versatile addition to any meal.

Saltire Estate Sauvignon Blanc


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Whether enjoyed alone or paired with your favourite dish, our white wines are crafted to elevate your palate and enrich your dining experience. To learn more, please explore our white wine collection here.


Embrace the Purity of Saltire Estate's Organic Wines

As you explore our organic wine collection, you are stepping into a realm where sustainability and quality converge. This exceptional range includes a variety of reds like Cabernet Merlot, Shiraz, and Rosé, all crafted from organically sustained grapes. These wines are not only delicious but also embody a commitment to environmental stewardship. With medium-to-full bodied flavours, these organic wines are perfect for pairing with a wide range of dishes. Enjoy the taste of wines made with respect for nature and a dedication to preserving the vibrant ecosystem. 


2022 Saltire Organic Rosé

The 2022 Saltire Organic Rosé is a delightful addition to Saltire Estate's organic range. Perfect for warm weather, this Rosé is their first since 2013. With a flavour profile that includes strawberries and crème Chantilly with a hint of fresh raspberries, and an aroma of strawberries, cream, red apple, and fairy floss, it offers a dry, French-style taste. With an ABV of 12.9% and 7.6 standard drinks per bottle, this Rosé is a great choice for enjoying with discerning friends.

Saltire Estate Orgainc Rose


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2021 Saltire Organic Shiraz

The 2021 Saltire Organic Shiraz is a medium-full bodied wine with velvety tannins. It offers a palate of dark stone fruits and berries, complemented by the aroma of red and black fruits. With an alcohol volume of 14% and 8.3 standard drinks per bottle, this Shiraz pairs well with rich dishes like leg of lamb or gourmet beef burgers. It's an ideal choice to elevate everyday meals, reflecting the organic and natural winemaking philosophy of Saltire Estate.

Saltire Estate Organic Shiraz


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2020 Saltire Organic Cabernet Merlot

The 2020 Saltire Organic Cabernet Merlot is an authentic organic blend that offers a rich flavour profile. It is characterised by blackcurrant and cherry flavours, with a hint of spice, and has aromas of red and black fruits. This wine pairs well with dishes such as slow-cooked beef roast, mushrooms, and venison, making it an excellent choice for a variety of meals. With an ABV of 14% and 8.3 standard drinks per bottle, it's also a great addition to any BBQ, promising to make you the most popular person there.


Saltire Estate Organic Cabernet Merlot

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To delve deeper into Saltire Estate's organic wines and their unique characteristics, we encourage you to check out our Organic Wines collection today!


Explore Saltire Estate's Sampler Collections

As you journey through our wine collections, our sampler packs offer a unique opportunity to experience a variety of flavours. These samplers, available in two, four, and six-pack options, are perfect for discovering new favourites or enjoying a curated selection. Whether you're a red wine enthusiast, white wine lover, or someone who enjoys a bit of both, these samplers provide a convenient and enjoyable way to explore Saltire Estate's diverse range. Perfect for gifting or personal exploration, these packs are an invitation to experience the best of Hunter Valley wines.


Saltire Estate Sampler Pack


View the entire range of Saltire Estate's Sampler Packs Collection.


In Conclusion

Saltire Estate's exquisite wine collection, from the rich reds and elegant whites to the unique organic varieties and diverse samplers, offers something for every palate. As you've discovered, each wine tells a story, steeped in the rich heritage of the Hunter Valley, and crafted with meticulous care.

So don't just read about these exceptional wines; experience them for yourself.

Visit our online shop to explore their full range, make your selection, and have these wonderful wines delivered directly to your doorstep.

Start your journey with Saltire Estate today and taste the essence of the Hunter Valley.

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