Saltire Mixed White Sampler - 6 Pack


Introducing the Saltire Estate Sampler Pack, a meticulously curated 6-pack that captures the essence of our vineyards. This collection offers a select handful of Saltire's finest white wines available. Dive into the world of white wines with the elegance of 'The Selkie' Semillon, the crisp and refreshing 2023 Saltire Sauvignon Blanc and the lively 2022 Saltire Vermentino. There has never been an easier way to discover the perfect wine to enjoy the summer season with friends and family.


Saltire's Mixed White Sampler contains the following:

- 2 x 2023 'The Selkie' Semillon
- 2 x 2023 Saltire Sauvignon Blanc
- 2 x 2022 Saltire Vermentino