Saltire's Finest Sampler - 6 Pack


Introducing the Saltire Estate Sampler Pack, a meticulously curated 6-pack that captures the essence of our vineyards. This collection features Saltire's big three wines, the prestigious 2009 Traditional Method Sparkling Claremont, the bold and complex 2021 Wulver Shiraz and the beautiful and elegant Unicorn Moscato. Discover why they are regarded as the best that Saltire Estate's craftsmanship has to offer, perfect for gifting to friends and loved ones or personal enjoyment. 


Saltire's Finest Sampler contains the following:

- 2 x 2009 'Claremont' Traditional Method Blanc de Blanc
- 2 x 2021 'The Wulver' Shiraz
- 2 x 'The Unicorn' Moscato