Elevate Your Cheese Platter With The Claremont Brut and Unicorn Moscato

Elevate Your Cheese Platter With The Claremont Brut and Unicorn Moscato

Sep 11, 2023
Claremont, Unicorn & Cheese Pairings


Discover the magic of wine and cheese pairings with Claremont Blanc de Blanc and Unicorn Moscato. Elevate your cheese platter experience by unlocking the perfect harmony of flavours. Let's explore the best matches for these exceptional wines, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your gatherings.


Why Pairing The Right Cheese & Wine Matters

Pairing wine with cheese isn't just about the taste; it's an art that enhances the entire experience. Each wine has its own unique aromas, flavours and textures, and when paired with the perfect cheese can create an entirely different taste sensation. That’s why finding the perfect cheese to pair with is vital to bring out the best in each combination and create a symphony of flavours that sticks with you.


Claremont & Cheese Pairing


Claremont Blanc de Blanc: Elegance in a Bottle

A symbol of luxury and prestige, the Claremont Brut Chardonnay on its own can liven up any celebration. Adding in a soft & creamy cheese will compliment the Claremont's bubbly nature and high acidity exceptionally well to turn any special moment into the special moment!


Soft Brie and Aged Gouda

If you are looking for something creamy and soft to pair with the Claremont, Brie can easily find balance with the Claremont's high acidity. The richness and creaminess of the Brie combine with the stone fruits and honey notes of the premium sparkling to create an unforgettable moment. If you rather something on the older side with more richer flavours, look no further than some Aged Gouda. This one also pairs surprisingly well with the Claremont with its fruitiness as well as its nutty characteristics. The wine's bubbles cut through the cheese's density, creating a lovely palette cleansing effect to allow you to enjoy its heavenly flavours over and over.


Unicorn & Cheese Pairing


Unicorn Moscato: Whimsically Sweet

On its own, the Unicorn Moscato is an elegant, delicate and easy to drink wine for any occasion. Because of the light, bubbly and sweet nature of the wine, funky cheeses help balance out the sweetness of the wine while making the cheese more creamy, resulting in an absolutely divine dance of flavours on your taste buds.

Goat Cheese and Blue Cheese

If you are after a safe choice to pair with the Unicorn Moscato, look no further than Chèvre, or goat cheese. The funky and tangy nature of goat cheese helps balance out the sweetness of the Moscato and complements the floral notes of the wine extremely well. For the more adventurous wine & cheese connoisseurs searching for a more unconventional pairing, a blue cheese is definitely a pairing to explore. The tanginess of the cheese does a fantastic job on taming the sweetness of the Moscato, resulting in a unique twist of whimsical flavours.

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