Saltire Estate's Exclusive Wines: A Tasting Adventure in the Hunter Valley

Saltire Estate's Exclusive Wines: A Tasting Adventure in the Hunter Valley

Jan 14, 2024

As you step into our world, you are not just visiting a vineyard; you are embarking on a flavourful journey. Think of the rows of vines as paths leading you to an exclusive experience, one where the wines you'll taste are as rich in story as they are in taste.

Feel the warmth of the sun that has ripened the grapes to perfection and breathe in the gentle breeze that whispers the tales of the earth. Each wine at Saltire Estate comes with its own narrative, one that you become a part of with every sip. 

Today, you are the protagonist in a story of discovery. You'll explore rare varieties, like the cherished Gamay, a wine that thrives in the unique terroir of the Hunter Valley. You'll delight in the exclusive 2009 Claremont Brut Chardonnay, a testament to time and craft, and you'll celebrate the virtues of sustainability with our revered organic selections. 

As you savour the tastes and aromas of Saltire Estate's exclusive wines, let them transport you to the moments of their creation—from the blossoming of the vines to the meticulous art of winemaking. This is your invitation to a tasting adventure like no other, a chance to indulge in the exceptional, right here at Saltire Estate.


Red Wines

Step into the enchanting world of reds at Saltire Estate, where each glass tells a story of passion and meticulous craftsmanship.

The Unicorn Moscato

Your journey begins with The Unicorn Moscato, a delightful serenade to the senses. Imagine the burst of sun-ripened berries and the subtle sweetness of peaches dancing on your tongue. This is a wine that doesn't just whisper but sings with the joy of summer. Picture yourself on a sun-drenched patio, sharing a chilled bottle with friends, laughter mingling with the clink of glasses, the Moscato's playful fizz adding a touch of celebration to your every sip.

The Unicorn Moscato


2022 Saltire Organic Rosé

Next, the 2022 Saltire Organic Rosé beckons. Here's a wine that respects the earth and rewards the palate. Its delicate blush is reminiscent of the first bloom of a rose, a hue that captures the essence of a gentle dawn. The taste is a harmony of subtlety; imagine strawberries and cream, a hint of cherry, and a whisper of herbs, perhaps a remnant of the wild, organic fields from which it hails. Let this Rosé be your companion on a quiet evening, where the slow setting sun mirrors the leisurely savouring of each organic sip.

2022 Saltire Organic Rosé


2022 Saltire Gamay

The final stop on this red tasting trail is the rare and exquisite Gamay, a variety that finds a special home in the Hunter Valley. This light-bodied wine is a celebration of its kind, with an inviting ruby colour that sparkles in the light. As you bring the glass to your lips, the aromas of fresh red fruits and a hint of spice invite you to take a moment, to truly appreciate the craft of winemaking. On the palate, the wine is vivacious yet smooth, a tapestry of flavour that's both refreshing and profound. It's the perfect accompaniment to a meal crafted with care or a night where the stars are your only canopy.


Each glass from our red wine collection is not just a drink but an experience. These are wines to be shared, stories to be told, and memories to be made. As you indulge in each unique flavour, remember that you're not just tasting wine, you're exploring the very soul of Saltire Estate.


White Wines 

Allow yourself to be drawn into the crisp and refreshing realm of Saltire Estate’s white wines, where each bottle is a testament to the purity and complexity of flavours crafted by nature and refined by human hands.

2009 'Claremont' Traditional Method Blanc de Blanc

Embark on your white wine discovery with the 2009 'Claremont' Traditional Method Blanc de Blanc, a vintage that captures the essence of time.

As you pour this sparkling wine, watch the delicate bubbles ascend in your flute, a prelude to the celebration on your palate. The golden hue hints at the maturity of a wine that has been nurtured over years. Take a moment to appreciate the aroma, a sophisticated blend of toasted brioche with a hint of citrus. Now, taste.

Let the effervescence carry the rich notes of apple, a touch of lemon, and a creamy finish across your tongue. This Brut Chardonnay is more than a wine; it's a moment to be savoured, an accompaniment to life's milestones, and a toast to future joys.

2009 'Claremont' Traditional Method Blanc de Blanc

2022 Saltire Vermentino

Your journey continues with the 2022 Saltire Vermentino, an expression of the varietal's Mediterranean spirit under the Australian sun. As you uncork the bottle, let your senses be greeted by the fresh scent of the sea breeze and the zest of summer citrus. This wine is the embodiment of a seaside escapade, with its straw colour and green highlights sparking images of sunlit waves. On the palate, the Vermentino is crisp and refreshing. Envision the tang of grapefruit, the allure of green apples, and a mineral finish that evokes the stony beaches of its homeland.

It's the ideal companion for a seafood feast or simply to enjoy as the warm day unwinds into a cool evening.

2022 Saltire Vermentino


In each bottle of Saltire Estate’s white wines lies a story of the vineyard, a whisper of the Hunter Valley's terroir, and a commitment to excellence. With every sip, you're not just tasting the wine; you're partaking in a legacy that thrives within these lands. Let these white selections uplift your spirits and elevate your occasions, from the everyday to the extraordinary.


Organic Wine

Embrace the essence of Saltire Estate's dedication to harmony with nature through our collection of organic wines. These selections are not just bottles filled with exquisite wine but symbols of a commitment to sustainability and natural purity.

2020 Saltire Organic Cabernet Merlo

The 2020 Saltire Organic Cabernet Merlo beckons with its rich, velvety depths. As a wine lover, you'll appreciate the care taken to preserve the integrity of the fruit from vine to bottle. The dark cherry hue hints at the depth of flavour within. Allow the aromas of blackcurrant and a hint of herbaceous charm to rise and meet your senses. As you taste, the full-bodied nature of this wine envelops your palate, with layers of dark berries, a hint of oak, and a smooth, enduring finish. This is a wine to pair with robust dishes, to be enjoyed slowly, as the flavours evolve with each breath of air it meets.

2020 Saltire Organic Cabernet Merlot


2021 Saltire Organic Shiraz

Finally, let the 2021 Saltire Organic Shiraz tell its tale. This is a wine of character, one that carries the bold spirit of the Hunter Valley's soil in its very essence. The intense ruby colour is your first introduction to its depth. The aroma is a complex symphony of plum and spice, with a background note of the wild, native bushland that surrounds our estate. On the palate, the Shiraz is both robust and refined, with a generous body that delivers ripe fruit notes balanced by a structured tannic backbone. It's a wine that insists on attention, perfect for contemplation on a quiet evening or as a distinguished guest at your table.



Each organic selection from Saltire Estate is a promise – to you and to the earth – of wine that not only tastes exceptional but is created with the utmost respect for the environment. As you indulge in these organic offerings, you become part of a community that values quality, authenticity, and ecological mindfulness. Cheers to good health, to the planet, and to the pure pleasure of a glass of wine made the right way.

2021 Saltire Organic Shiraz


As your journey through the tasting notes of Saltire Estate draws to a close, reflect on the symphony of flavours, aromas, and stories that have graced your palate. Each wine you've encountered is a tribute to the craft of winemaking, an homage to the Hunter Valley, and a celebration of the meticulous care that brings such remarkable drinks to life.

You've traversed the spectrum from the effervescent joy of The Unicorn Moscato to the structured elegance of the Organic Shiraz. You've tasted the sun in the Claremont Brut Chardonnay and felt the earth's integrity in the Organic Rosé. With each sip, you've connected to the passion, the history, and the future that Saltire Estate embodies.

Let these wines be not just a part of your cellar but a part of your story. Whether it’s a toast to the significant milestones or a companion to the quiet, everyday triumphs, Saltire Estate’s wines are ready to be uncorked and celebrated.

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